Bloodwire - passionate neo-electronica, where the organic meets the electronic. A distinctive fusion of emotion and technology, richness and warmth, where heart and circuit are intertwined. Based out of Oakland, California, Bloodwire began in 2001 when Shawn Brice, formally of the acclaimed goth/industrial outfit, BATTERY, wrote an instrumental piece for I-Li Chang as a gift. I-Li was so moved by his music that she immediately wrote lyrics and melody for the song. She sang this newly formed song to Shawn as a gift back to him. Soon, this shy girl developed a taste for creating music inspired by this talented musician. The transformation began and Bloodwire emerged. Since then, this compelling duo has been creating music together. Their first album “Transformation” is available for sale at CD Baby, Amazon, and Projekt, as well as many download sites such as iTunes, Napster, Yahoo Music and many others. Their songs are deeply personal and yet accessible, ranging from dreamy to raucous - sometimes in the same song! They are equally comfortable creating epic grooves or succinct pop songs, always with an emotional core. The amalgamation of I-Li's rich and sultry voice with Shawn's technical acumen creates a musical experience that is heart-pounding and electric, indeed where heart and circuit are intertwined. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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