Bloody Mary

There are several artists called 'Bloody Mary' : 1) a German female DJ aka Marjorie Migliaccio 2) an Italian gothic rock/metal band who were signed to Dave Pybus' (Cradle of Filth) own label SixSixSix Records 3) a Japanese Visual Kei band 4) Thrash/Crossover band from Abu Dhabi, UAE (2005-07) 5) an American hard rock band from the 70's 6) a French rock band featuring Manu Livertout (Manu Livertout Band, Boy Damon T) 7) a Finnish punk rock band formed in 1976 8) an American thrash metal band from Charlotte, NC formed 1989 9) an American Speed / Thrash Metal from NY 1) Marjorie Migliaccio AKA Bloody Mary began her DJ career in her homeland of France in the early part of the decade, growing up in the region of Aix en Provence. By 2005 she had established a reputation that brought her to some of Europe's biggest clubs, such as Rex and Watergate. After relocating to Berlin, she began her interest in production, signed a pair of EPs on Sender Records, and took off on the international DJ circuit, touring throughout North and South America. Inspired by new wave and early electronic dance music plus the mystifying cultures surrounding her, Mary is always on the lookout for new sounds and fresh music. Her sets provide a fine example of the forthcoming movements and throughout the explosion of the techno scene Mary found her own unique approach. A world tour celebrates this release, taking Mary to Asia and a return to the US including a stop in Detroit. Mary began collaborating ...

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