Bloody Sunday

Hardcore band from VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA United States Bloody Sunday was founded in May of 2003, by John and Greg. They wanted to start a fast hardcore band in the vein of Strife, No Innocent Victim, Buried Alive, and all the hardcore bands that they had grown up on. After talking for a couple weeks, they decided the time was right. John brought with him Julian from his other band, and Greg brought Chris with him from his other band. After a short stint and 3 shows with their first singer, he left the band and Keith was brought in. The goal of Bloody Sunday is now and always has been to spread the message of Christ, and to combine the two single biggest influences in our collective lives Christ and Hardcore. In the ten months that Bloody Sunday has been a band so many things have happened, shortly after recording a demo they signed with the new off shoot label Strike First records and released They Attack At Dawn which has been blowing up accross the nation. They have shared the stage with some of todays best hardcore and metal bands including Bane, The Promise, Comeback Kid, The Killer, xDisciplex AD, Integrity, Six Feet Under, Blacklisted, The Distance, xCast Asidex, Modern Life is War, Death Before Dishonor, Symphony in Peril, Holding On, Nothing Personal, Dead Serious, Murder Weapon, Nourish the Flame, On Broken Wings, Sinai Beach, The Deal, Shockwave and Bound By Honor. They have also done their first 6 week coast to coast tour which included playing both of xDi...

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