Bloody Virgin

Bloody Virgin was founded in September 2007 in the north of Germany. Until their first gig in summer 2008, they finished their first set of six songs, including a cover of Mike Oldfields famous song „Moonlight Shadow“. A second guitarist fell into line with Bloody Virgin and offered new options. After a while, the bass player „Ecke“ left the band because of many problems, which made future prospects with Bloody Virgin impossible. So he finally was displaced by Julian. Since July 2009 the actual members of the band write songs and play gigs together. Recently, Bloody Virgin won a band contest against more than 40 other bands from northern germany and is elected as „best band of the year 2009“. Because of a very good atmosphere within the band, good musical skills and a great proportion of creativity, Bloody Virgin is a band with big potential. The musical style is a mix of Melodic Death Metal (e.g. Norther) with influences of Black/Dark Metal (e.g. Dimmu Borgir). Therefore Bloody Virgin offers a varied spectrum of Metal: very melodic, but fast and with an dark atmosphere. So far, the band released their first album „To preserve innocence“. Bloody Virgin are going to produce a new album in a few months. In contrast to „To preserve innocence“, the new songs will be darker, harder and more sophisticated. The band will include more experimentations and black metal influences to get a recall value and to create a darker atmosphere than before… Actual member...

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