There are at least ten bands with the name Bloom. 1. Bloom is an acoustic pop band from Slovakia. 2. Bloom is a rock band from Gainesville, FL. 3. Bloom is a Hungarian metal band. 4. Bloom is a grime producer from County Antrim, Northern Ireland. 5. BLOOM_ (Cardiff, Wales) 6. Bloom is a pop punk band from Rockford, IL. 7. Bloom (Nashville, TN) 8. Bloom is a rock band from Salt Lake City UT. 9. Bloom (Vancouver, BC) 10. Bloom, Portuguese singer-songwriter JP Simões. 1. Bloom (Slovakia): The pure and gentle acoustic sound of Bloom is a result of band members search for their own unique voice in this noisy world. Bloom was founded as an acoustic project of Barbora Drahovská (vocals) and Lukáš Kyška (guitar) after break-up of their rock band Soundrise. The acoustic minimalistic instrumentation of the duo resulted in colorful guitar harmonies and gentle vocal lines. They released their first EP in March 2011. A four-song demo was recorded in Bratislava and mastered by a famous Slovak bass player and producer Oskar Rózsa. Although being satisfied with band’s sound, Barbora and Lukáš decided to expand their scope by creating a full band with bass guitar and drums. And so at the end of year 2011 Bloom became a four-member band with Jozef Yogi Graus on bass guitar and Igor Ajdži Sabo on drums. Thus the band's sound became more groovy and energetic while at the same time still remaining delicate and mellow. The repertoire ranges from slow poetical compositions to more o...

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