Bloom 06

Bloom 06 is the new name of Eiffel 65's Maurizio Lobina and Gianfranco Randone. In early March 2005 the group's DJ, Gabry Ponte, left the group to be able to focus on his solo career. On May 16, 2006, the remaining two members, Maurizio Lobina and Gianfranco Randone (a.k.a. Jeffrey Jey), left Bliss Corporation to continue on their own with their own production company called Blue Boys, LLC. Since the name Eiffel 65 is property of Bliss Corporation, the duo has decided to continue under the new name of Bloom 06. Eiffel 65's long anticipated fourth album, under the working title 'Crash Test', had already finished production by the time of Maury's and Jeffrey's departure from Bliss Corporation, and was due for release autumn 2006. The album's lyrics were believed to be in both English and Italian. In June 2006, it was announced that Eiffel 65's new name would be Bloom 06. The first album Crash Test 01, originally to be Eiffel 65's fourth album titled Crash Test, will be released sometime in the fourth quarter of 2006. The debut single, In the City of which an instrumental version featured (as Living in my City) on the Special Edition of Eiffel 65's third album. Bloom 06's first single In The City is available for radio airplay since September 1st, 2006. It has been hinted that the name 'Eiffel 65' could be used for a new Bliss Corporation group that might possibly consist of Gabry Ponte, Roberto Molinaro (a DJ/producer with whom Eiffel 65 have worked frequently) and other B...

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