(Zayuri Ocasio) BloomSTRAD began her involvement with the Vaporwave scene during the year 2015 when she began to create artwork meant for wallpaper use (which was later on plagiarized to sell on Vapor 95, the matter was settled with compensation) completely rooted in the Aesthetic of the movement (Vaporwave). After familiarizing herself enough on the concept of the music, she released her first album in February of 2016 under the Pi_ROL moniker titled Teleltón: Matiné de Comerciales Solo Para Tí which featured old Puertorrican advertisements as well as a few Japanese ads from Namcot. BloomSTRAD continued to create music through different aliases (Too Young To Ror & Rol, Flamingo Music Club) whenever she would experiment sampling religious music and creating a foundation for her current style. On May 2017 the BloomSTRAD changed her moniker permanently to avoid confusion from the crowd and moved away from creating traditional Vaporwave to focus on the V2k sub-genre (Vaporwave 2000). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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