There are two groups with the name Blotto: 1) Blotto was a band from Albany, New York active during the 1980's with the popular song I wanna Be a Lifeguard, playing heavy rotation on MTV. 2) Blotto is a punk band from Tokyo, Japan. 1) Blotto (Albany, New York) For all the bands that were formed and performed and re-formed and deformed throughout the Capital District, very few ever made any sort of splash into the national pop music scene. There were the exceptions: Betty George's version of Sentimental Journey is considered the definitive interpretation; Jay Traynor was the original namesake in Jay and the Americans (recording the Top 10 hit She Cried). The Knickerbockers (Lies) practiced through Albany before making it big. On the other end of the spectrum were the bands that shoulda- coulda- woulda- but didn't. There are still memories of the local scene - 288 Lark and JB Scott's and Puttin' On The Ritz and the Falcon's Nest - and groups like the Stomplistics, Mambo-X, Chefs of the Future, the Verge, the Penny Knight Band, French Letter, the Units, Fear of Strangers, you can continue the list if you want. Between those extremes came a band that almost made it big. Their songs were played on the radio, at a time when radio stations wouldn't play local bands. Their music skewered musical genres from heavy metal to surf tunes to teen death rock anthems. And everything - from their song titles to their album covers to their personal appearances - were done with the tongu...

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