Blowing Trees

Forget the Alamo, the River Walk, and all the other standard hallmarks of San Antonio, Texas. Take an alternative tour past the high school where Chris Maddin (lead singer) and Drew Pierce (drummer) played in numerous bands together; the spots where Edwin Jered Stephens (lead guitarist) and Chris skateboarded together and bonded over a shared appreciation of punk rock; the Washtub, a car wash where three members of the band worked; the house where in 2003, Roy Scavone (bassist) made a lasting impression at an impromptu jam session and secured himself a spot in the newly formed band, Blowing Trees. And, if you continue on, perhaps you’ll stumble upon the Melody Ranch Recording Studio where the Trees can be found— at all hours of the day and night—flexing their skills on their debut album. With an artful name and a striking sound, Blowing Trees, have packed clubs in San Antonio, building up a legion of fans who come to see their intense live performances and listen to their music on MySpace. The band has a knack for blending their unique styles into a cohesive sound. Jered steers clear of power chords playing masterful solos throughout the course of a song; Chris provides the creative, organic sound to the band with poetic lyrics powered by an exceptional vocal range and an acoustic guitar; Scavone creates the movement in the music with his raw energy and wild stage presence; and Drew grounds the band with his solid and reliable backbeats. Their influences run from Bob D...

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