Blown to Bits

Blown to Bits was birthed onto the streets of the Tenderloin in San Francisco in 2000. They release their first record 6 weeks after forming. Devestation across the land... recieved rave reviews and helped spur along the local scene and venues such as Burnt Ramen, Slaughterhouse, Mission records and numerous house parties and Pyrate Punx Events. They released their second release Fuck American Xenophobia in 2002 and extensively toured behind it....artwork and music were much praised by the crusty/dbeat/punk communities. There last release was a 12 split with Deathtoll. Blown to bits has been included on many compilations and also was featured in the punk documentary The Ramen days and also has a Cassette discography release in the Czech republic label Insane Society. Their lyrical content mainly dealt with social and political inequities and war and hating Bush. Blown to Bits is currently working on a reunion and some new material Check them out on myspace/blowntobitshc Original Members: Patrick - Bass/vocals Jake: Guitars Nick: Drums other members: Jim: Vocals 2000-2002 Jess: second guitar 2004-2006 Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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