After helping define the sound of alternative-rock with Hüsker Dü in the '80s, fronting the power-pop band Sugar in the ‘90s and fusing hard-rock and heavy electronica in his last solo release, Body of Song, in 2005, Bob Mould is now redefining pop music with Blowoff, his collaboration with producer/remixer extraordinaire Richard Morel. Blowoff, named after the deciding fight in a pro wrestling match, fuses together Mould's angry, angular power-pop tendencies with Morel's hazy, house-fueled electronica. Since Sugar, Mould has delved heavily into electronica, remixing and producing under the name LoudBomb and working with bands such as Interpol and VHS or Beta. Just before he moved from Manhattan to Washington, D.C. several years ago, a clerk at Mould’s favorite record store turned him on to the progressive house mixes of Richard Morel. In short order, these two singer-songwriters, each legendary in their own right, began collaborating together under the “Blowoff” moniker. Blowoff marks the first project in which both Mould and Morel have taken equal turns in writing, playing the guitar and keyboards, creating rhythm tracks and breathing into the mike. And as listeners will hear from the album’s very first track, “Hormone Love”, Blowoff is a merger between two highly independent musicians whose individual virtuosity is unparalleled and whose musical roots span rock, punk, funk, pop, electronica and deep house. Morel is perhaps best known for his remixes fo...

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