BluJugganaut -the music title for Adam Heap- started late-2005/early 2006, initially recording at the local youth clubs studio. Ever since he began, he has been writing his own songs. By the end of 2006, 3 of his own creations had been recorded (though are now sadly lost). For the next 3 years he played with 3 other smalls bands primarily as a bassist. Being part of other bands, he rarely wrote any songs, and only 9 songs were written during the three years. One of these songs, Ten Ways to Save the World, was to become the title track of the first BluJugganaut album. BluJugganaut wrote two songs during a brief period recording in a band members garage. However, in mid-2009, after splitting with the 3rd band, BluJugganaut decided to go solo again, and began recording again. Audacity and a small webcam microphone was the only equipment available, and it has remained that way till this day. The first EP could be said to be BluJugganaut getting used to the equipment (or lack thereof). Nevertheless, by late-2009, the EP was completed, simply titled 'BluJugganaut'. During the process of recording the first EP, several songs had been written that were destined to find themselves on the first full album, Ten Ways to Save the World. The album took a year to record, being completed in the final half of 2010. (The album is currently going through some re-editing to improve sound quality.) The album contains songs like Summer Is Here Again, Ten Ways and Dominate, which are regularly pl...

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