Bluba Lu

Bluba Lu is one of the oldest existing underground groups in Bulgaria. It was established in the early 90ies. The core of the band are Dimitar Paskalev and Konstantin Katsarski, although many different musicians have taken part in the group through the years. The band is popular from its presence in the first independent label in Bulgaria- Yellow music (together with Wikeda, Ostava and Animatsionerite), but after the separation (dissolution) of the organization, he creates his own sound-recording studio and realizes many self-dependent projects. There are five published albums: Bluba Lu In Wonderland (2001) MOOGaMOOD (2002) Re:Verb (2004) World Melanchol (2007) Groove Euroope (2008) The seventh edition of the world compilation of LTJ Bukem EARTH, in which Bluba Lu are presented with two compositions, was released in 2004. The Poland radio from Wroclaw released compilation named RAM 6 p.m. The song Nevermind from the World Melancholy project was included. He participates with his compositions in different independent editions and compilations: “Sofiastikated” 2004, “DjebelBasmaService” 2003, “Electrochakra” by Bogdan Rusev and others. The music of Bluba Lu is used in the advertising company of VAYK on the territory of Greece. Bluba Lu realize/ perform film and theatre music: “Mila from Mars” by Zornica Sofia (a Bulgarian film production awarded with lots of European rewards) and “Sand puzzle” by Rumen Popkostadinov (the Dramatic Theatre of Blagoevgrad)....

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