Born at the 2005 Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls in Portland. An electric guitar, a drum set, two voices, channeling 1970s punk, classic rock, folk and a long list of indie influences. Our first CD? Songs of protest, reflection and becoming teens. Yes, middle-schoolers can write deep songs. Úna Rose (vocals, guitars, lap steel) Katie Alto (Drums, backing vocals, piano) Hometown: Portland, Oregon Sound: An electric guitar and drums channeling 1970s punk, classic rock, folk and all the indie bands we love. Members: Úna Rose, 13, (vocals, guitar) and Katie Alto, 12, (drums, vocals) Sometimes we cover: Radiohead, The Shins, Neil Young, the Clash, Van Morrison, Arcade Fire, Beck Other band names in the running: Sound Board, Furious George, Yukon Cornelius How the group formed: We have known each other since second grade and have the same musical tastes. We formed the band at the 2005 Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls. Why we rock so hard: We're in middle school but we still know how to jam, and we're writing songs about things that we care about. One of our songs is about global warming. We play it in an HBO documentary. It's also featured as a Modern Protest Song on Neil Young's web site. Who's the slackest band member when it comes to loading your equipment: We both work hard. No one slacks. Slacks are for wearing. Of course, we prefer jeans. Musical guilty pleasure: Cheralee Dillon's Little Yellow Lemon How do you handle an obvious onstage blunder? We look at each other, smile and ...

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