Blue Apple Quartet

The jazz project, Blue Apple Quartet invites undeniably the ballad: a musical tour through the streets of New York, a passage in the bar of Café Society, dreaming the languid ballads of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald scat memorable and swing furious Sarah Vaughan. Just go with the melodies of Duke Ellington, Cole Porter or Gershwin ... Worn by the arrangements of pianist Olivier Rousseau, Elodie Rama offers unvarnished version of standard dating mostly from 30 to 50 years. Tribute to class with legendary vocalists who have delighted his ears, like Miss Badu, and colleagues of the family soul and hip hop African American. Blue Apple is walking over the standard: All of me takes on the air of New Orleans brass band while Cheek to Cheek once immortalized by Ella and Louis goes slumming on the side of the Caribbean with the participation of David aka The Deunff Dadoo (Hocus Pocus). A Loverman afros accents is the perfect opportunity to invite Josselin Quentin on percussion, leader Tribeqa.Blue Apple explores rhythm and blues with sobriety in Do not explain, the favorite piece of beautiful Billie Holiday. An album of 11 songs recorded and mixed by oneshot Atom Beatorrent group member (KIF Records) and the collective of DJs C2C (Onandon Records) 5 times world champions and gold is already in preparation. The room holds its breath, The singer puts his bibi, sits behind his microphone, takes a look at the pianist who was only waiting for it to signal to the rest of the group...

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