Blue Birds Refuse To Fly

Bluebirds Refuse To Fly (BBRTF) is a Electro/Pop band from Greece. 'Blue' meaning 'sad' - not the colour blue. The current line-up is: Eva K (vocalist), Kyriakos P (keyboards, programming), and George P (keyboards, guitars). Blue Birds Refuse To Fly was originally a song by Wasteland, a greek indie band in which both Kyriakos P. and George P. participated (as keyboard player and lead vocalist - guitar player respectively) from 1989 to 1998. The band split up in '98 and Kyriakos P. chose this song to be the name of his personal music journey. After experimenting with sounds and melodies, Kyriakos came up with some instrumental tracks and a few songs. The result was an album called Give Me The Wings. The personnel on this album is: -Kyriakos P: keyboards, programming, songwriting -Christina Mihalitsi: lead vocals, lyrics George P. also appears as a vocalist in two tracks and as a guitar player. The album was released by Physis records in 1998. Anapteroma was released in 2004. It was a unique combination of Kyriakos P.'s poppish melodies - electronic sounds and George Dedes's deep gothic voice. The response was very warm and people started to request to see the band live. So far, BBRTF was a studio project! So, Kyriakos P. (keyboards)., George Dedes (vocals), George P. (keyboards, guitars) along with the newcomer vocalist Eva K.(vocals, keyboards), formed the live BBRTF. Their latest album, Xenomorph Angel, is expected to be released in late 2006- early 2007 by Decadanc...

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