Blue Collar Music Machine

The Blue Collar Music Machine. A Band Assembled For, The Truckers Website in 2007. Influenced heavily by their country background and southern raising, Blue Collar Music Machine mixes up southern rock, rap and hip hop along with country and country rock. The Theme Song was written in part by David Batterson, owner of and Blue Collar Music Machine. The track that the lyrics reside is work belonging to artist Mike Jones from his smash hit Still Tippin. We are very proud of the theme song and cant believe the reaction weve gotten from it. It was just a song that didnt make any sense to start out with and still didnt when we were finished. After almost a year in the making it hit the public through our venue and they loved it. The song boasts of freedom as a trucker and how a trucker likes to get their drank on when they arent working and in short how professionalism makes 'em worry about their logbooks, brakes and lights. We really hope you dig the song and keep an eye on us for future releases...Thanks, Dave from the Blue Collar Music Machine and Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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