Blue Dog Pict

Blue Dog Pict fuses rock, jazz, Cabaret, performance art, glam, ambient-electronica and alternative sensibilities together to form what some compared to Pink Floyd, Rush and My Bloody Valentine. Led by frontman actor/multi-media artist Keram Malicki-Sanchez, the Toronto-based alternative band also featured actor Keith White (bass guitar), Daniel Kovacevic (guitar), Jeff Hayward (drums) and Peter Devlin (original guitarist). The band released three albums: * The Picture Album (1991), * Anxiety of Influence: a nodding into...? (1992), * Spindly Light und Wax Rocketines (1995) The latter two records were distributed internationally and throughout Canada by Distribution FUSION III and by Yikes! in the United States. Blue Dog Pict fans were referred to as Sky Pirates and were much like the Grateful Dead's Deadheads in their devotion - every Blue Dog Pict show carried a theme, and their fans brought props, costumes and other items to follow suit. Blue Dog Pict's song One Hour's Sleep was featured in the Degrassi High episode School's Out. The band dissolved in 1996, but their fan community persisted well into the next decade. Their online community can be found at Freedom @ Constant Change. They celebrate Robot Pride Day, a holiday based on a song by the band on August 4 every year. In 2008 frontman Keram Malicki-Sanchez and original Blue Dog Pict guitarist Peter Devlin reunited onstage to play the NXNE music conference festival in Toronto, Canada under the monik...

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