Blue Effect

There are multiple artists playing under the Blue Effect name. 1: Blue Effect is Czech band that plays a variation of Jazz Rock and Progressive Rock. They are otherwise known as Modrý Efekt. The band was founded in 1968. Founding members were Jiří Kozel, Vlado Čech and Vladimír Mišík. Radim Hladík (czech No.1 guitar player) joined the band early after the founding. In following decades there were also other participants such as Lešek Semelka or Oldřich Veselý etc. In 2004 Radim Hladík initiated the rebirth and Blue Effect started to play in this formation: Radim Hladík (guitarist), singer and piano player Jan Křížek, drummer Václav Zima (both have been also members of the band Walk Choc Ice) and the bass guitarist Vojtěch Říha (from the band Midway). A few years ago R. Hladík became a member of The Hall of Fame (awarded by Czech Academy of Popular Music). He was the first one to recieve this award as the non-singing instrumentalist. 2: Detroit-based soft rock band The Blue Effect, signed to the Metro Detroit label Version Records. Songs below: The Happy Song, Apparently, Whole, and Follow Me belong to this band. 3: Breakbeat and deep house artists - Dan Cahill & Phil Licinio Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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