Blue Eyed Christ

In 1991, while still in his teens, Chicago's John D. Norten signed his first international recording contract under the name Blue Eyed Christ to Europe's KK Records. The first CD, Leaders and Followers, was released that same year by Cargo in America. The CD received universally excellent reviews throughout Europe and America in numerous publications including Alternative Press, CMJ, Street Sounds, and Rockpool. The single, was a club hit in Europe. The old Blue Eyed Christ still enjoys a loyal cult following today. In the next couple of years Blue Eyed Christ appeared on numerous compilations CD's on various larger independent labels including Restless and Cargo. John further perfected his engineering and production skills while working at Chicago's largest recording studio, Chicago Trax Recording, with members of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, and several Wax Trax bands. In 1995, John began working on the second Blue Eyed Christ Album, Crash. At the same time, he assembled an intense, visceral live band that created a buzz throughout Chicago. The band was playing packed headlining shows and getting airplay on Chicago's largest commercial modern rock radio station, Q101. John was meeting in New York and LA with major labels and performing showcases in Chicago. In 1996, John relocated to LA on the heals of a major label recording contract. The deal fell through at the last minute. John became frustrated with Occupation Rockstar and decided to take some time off to begin prod...

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