Blue Gillespie

Blue Gillespie - A blues/rock ensemble aimed at music fans of all ages who are dissatisfied or have some pessimistic demons to exorcise. The name originates in the idea that everyone has an alter-ego made up of the most negative aspects of their personality and the only way to prevent the angry doppelgänger from surfacing in polite company is to vent through music. Gillespie is the name of the bands alter-ego (mainly because of the mischievous way it rolls off the tongue). The lyrics are his mind, the bass is his foot, the guitar is his hand and the drum his heart. Blue Gillespie is meant for people who recognise a Gillespie in themselves. The angry voice inside, spitting and cursing at a world which seems never to offer a foothold as leverage to enlightenment. The desperate blue voice that has no ear in everyday social surroundings. By purging their alter-egos through the music, listeners hopefully may feel closer to the more positive, optimistic aspects of their nature. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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