Blue James Band

The Blue James Band is an American rock band founded and fronted by vocalist and guitar player Clifton Williams. The Blue James Band was formed in Los Angeles, California, but are now based in Boston, MA. The band began in 2004 as a vehicle for Clifton Williams’ songs while he was scoring projects for film and television while in Los Angeles. The band released their debut record, that’s that, in 2005 and their sophomore effort, WILL, in 2008. After touring the Western US from 2005-2008, Clifton decided to move the project to the East Coast to “see how the other half lives” as he puts it. “I’ve lived in California my whole life and though I love it and consider myself a true Californian, I wanted to get out for awhile to experience the other coast.” He stopped in Virginia for a few years, released the 2nd Blue James Band album and finally settled into the Boston area. It was in Virginia where he met current bass player Bryan Worley and multi-instrumentalist Liz Lawrence. They moved to Boston with Clifton and along with Cornelius Foley on drums, the East coast Blue James Band was completed. Keyboardist Valerie Taylor also tours with the band on occasion. The band recorded their 3rd album, Give Me the Love or Give Me the Fight, while on tour in Virginia. Clifton produced the record and finished the process at his studio in Boston, MA. Scott Reibling (Weezer, Letters to Cleo) mixed the record which will be released on Chappy Payne Records in September of 2012...

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