Blue Lunar Monkey

Blue Lunar Monkey is the day I (Daniel Gradilla) was born on the Mayan calendar, Kin 171. He was born and raised in Mexico, started to play the keyboard at age 13, then moved on to the guitar, He played with a sort of bands before I found my friends from a band they called , Naranja Mecanica, wich was the first mexican band signed by Universal Music in Mexico, they had a LP released in 1997 named Supertrip. It was in 1998 that he started to experiment with trance and ambience. He started to use his Kin , blue lunar monkey, from the mayan dreamspell , the monkey plays and enphasizes magic. He started to play live with a Roland MC-505 and a korg Prophesy. Since then he had played in events such as , Acasoundfest, Earth Dance , Maracame and hundreds of parties around the country. In 2000, he started Mandala, a party producing label. Bringing trance to every corner of Mexico. He had the honor to share the stage with some of the greatest trance musicians, among them, Total eclipse, Antidote, Tristan, GMS, Alien Project, Dimitri Nacob, Nick Doof, Bamboo Forest, Sun project, Etnica, Kox Box, Paul Taylor, Sonkite, Logic Bomb, Talamasca, Perplex, Shanti, Shulman, Sesto sento, Zorba, Skimo, Skazi, Necton, Polaris, and many more. He was part of the Mexican Trance Mafia project from 2001 to 2003. After a couple of trips to India his life change and Yoga became a huge part of me. Yoga has helped him realise the magic of the moment, the power of Now. Music and Yoga are One. Om Shanti! Read...

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