Blue Mathue

Blue Mathue: A duo with Jan Berg born June 24 1963 Oslo Norway and P?l Kristian Bauge Helmersen February 1965 Mandal Norway. Info pre history of Blue Mathue: A band from Oslo, started up by Geir ?deg?rd, Sven Erik Harberg, P?l Helmersen and Jan Berg in 1981. After three months of arguments between Harberg and ?deg?rd, the latter left the band. The trio Harberg/ Helmersen/ Berg recorded a demo, and in the summer of 1982 played at the Cafe De Stijl club in Oslo. At this time they called themselves Art of JPS, but they changed name to Blue Mathue before their next gig – a warm-up for Thanasis Zlatanos’ band Nekropolis at Club 7 in December. (The name was taken from a French poem they found in a magazine). Uniton Records’ Tormod Opedal met the band at the Club 7 gig and proposed BM to send him a demo casette. However, within days after the Club 7 concert, Harberg and Helmersen had a large falling out, and Berg and Helmersen continued the band as a duo. Blue Mathue got a full LP and EP contract with Uniton records. Blue Mathue delivered Uniton 2 demo's, first one as a trio the second one as a duo. It took almost another year before the band released anything, and then they opted for a set of home recordings. The 12” EP ‘Perfect Pictures’ b/w ‘In Our Dream’ and ‘The Vision’. Berg provided lead vocals for “Perfect Pictures” and “The Vision”, while Helmersen sang the lead on “In Our Dream”. Berg wrote the lyrics, while the music was a result of huge rewriting pr...

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