Blue Ox

Blue Ox is a Minneapolis, MN based sludge/doom metal/hardcore band. Their debut album Wet Dreams & Nightmares was released in January 2008 on Lost Archives Records. The band's current lineup features current and former members of Dead to Fall, Enabler, Devilinside, Reptile Christ, Much Worse, Nehemiah, With Dead Hands Rising, Enola Grey, and Coma Eternal. Reviews: Who? A new quintet straight outta Minneapolis with their nine-song debut. Sounds Like? Very Dirty, Very Grimy and very southern-influenced metallic hardcore. Our fingernails turned black just listening. How Is It? Pretty Gnarly. We’re digging the whole release, but if we had to play favorites, we’d pick Cameltoe Rodeo and the title track. 3.5/5 stars Alternative Press 5/08 By definition, stoner rock bogs itself down in redundant, slow motion grooves. Many will dub the sludgy tones and southern feel of Blue Ox's guitar riffing as stoner rock-ish, but Wet Dreams & Nightmares plays much more like a two week amphetamine fueled bender of meth rock. High-speed, hardcore punk roots meet raw forms of Crowbar's heavy metal while hints of gloomy, '90s metalcore a la Bloodlet and Disembodied give the record a determined, sober tone. Wet Dreams & Nightmares masterfully straddles the line between bloodshot stoner rock and clear-eyed hardcore. 4/5 stars Daily Utah Chronicle Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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