Blue Ribbon Boys

1.Hailing from Rat City, WA. Pabst powerd rock n' roll with a fetish for obcenity. Rolling in Glass, Spitting Blood, f*cking your little sister, with a punch you in the face attitude. We ARE the BLUE RIBBON BOYS!!! A style you cant handle. The Blue Ribbon Boys began 2004 with a various line-up changes, but still going strong with Brian Damage (vocals), Jesse Drama (Bass & Backing Vox), Nick Nza (Drums & Backing Vox) and have currently has been playing with Chris Styles for the last two years. 2.What began as a bluegrass band, containing members of Jim&Jennie&thePinetops and The Hunger Mountain Boys, eventually morphed into something entirely different. A few line-up changes, a few years, and a few too many influences of everything from 20's and 30's swing jazz to 80's underground pop have led this band down to an eclectic cross-roads. Enter the voice of Julia Gottlieb in 2006 and the Boys self-penned songs, particularly that of bassist Sauerkraut S. Travins, and you have the beginnings of the real Blue Ribbon Boys. With frequent guest horn players this 5 to 8 piece band falls somewhere on the country-jazz-noir side of western swing and Billie Holliday. And to make matters even worse for you music labelers and critics alike, Julia has been known to sing in Spanish, the Boys frequently belt out unison singing in Yiddish and German, and the cover songs stretch as far as Daniel Johnston to the classic catalog of Dorothy Fields & Jimmy Mchugh. S...

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