Blue Sky Down

At a time when Rock music has already seen incredible revolution, it is invigorating when a band can deliver a characteristic sound that defies the trends. By merging a unique rendition of Rocks raw energy with emotional toil, a new band has broken through with a sound that hits emotions on all planes. Torontos Blue Sky Down combines sophisticated arrangements with heartfelt lyrics. This is a band with a long history of experimenting with pop. A discriminating ear and a passion for new sounds have worked well for this talented foursome. While their debut album, Radio Songs, appeals to any die hard rock fan, relatable lyrics will ensnare poets and pop fans alike. There's no sugar coating anything here, confesses Derek Lucier (vocals, guitars). The best music comes from being honest and we don't want to pretend to be something we're not. The things that have really happened to you are the things that the audience can relate to best because they've happened to them too. Dereks honest lyrics are complemented with pounding intricate drums, heavy guitar parts with character, raw moving bass lines, and catchy melodies. All elements are fluidly arranged to create a powerful whole. Some tracks simply blend into each other. In all, the album offers a resonating full-circle feel. Im a complete perfectionist, laughs Scott Lucier (guitars), who engineered and mixed their just-released album, Radio Songs, Im a bit fanatical sometimes, seeking that perfect sound. Scotts determination ...

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