Blue Stingrays

According to their CD jacket the Blue Stingray's are a classic late fifties surf band performing instrumental surf music. A prolific band they produced three albums with a now defunct DEL-REY record company which are now impossible to find. The band insisted on complete anonymity and even required the recording engineers to wear blindfolds. The Blue Stingrays were passionate about their genre and became very disillusioned when surf bands featuring vocalist began to emerge. Some bands were even from the East Coast and had keyboard players in them which was considered a travesty by the Blue Stingrays. When the British invasion hit the Stingrays could take no more and put themselves in to self imposed exile on a remote tropical island where they were unrecognized and continued to practice and hone their craft in anonymity. Some three decades later the Stingrays returned to put the last word out on surf music. They again insisted on complete anonymity when recording. The result of that recording session was the CD Surf-n-Burn which is available today. After the recording session they again disappeared and have not been heard from since. Still, no one knows who they are. This story is a complete hoax however. It is supposed that the Blue Stingrays are comprised of the Heartbreakers minus Tom Petty, with some additional studio musicians. The guitar licks and skills are definitely within Micheal Campbell's skill set. But the true identity of all the Blue Stingrays is still unknown...

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