Blue Was a Bear

Born in the fall of 2004, Aaron Rauch and Kyle Bellinger began writing and performing songs that would communicate those feelings that go along with coming of age and a loss of one’s innocence. They played a number of shows throughout that year and into the next, covering New York’s Rockland County and the surrounding areas. In that span of time they took on the moniker, Blue Was a Bear. In the spring of 2005 they recorded, “Ghost Between the Walls,” a five song demo showcasing the vocals and acoustic guitar work of Rauch with Bellinger backing him on the classical guitar. However, constant last-minute preparation for performances and the prolonged dissatisfaction with the limited capabilities of a duo, the two came to the conclusion that they needed to get serious and form a full band. In December of 2005, Rauch and Bellinger contacted friends, Bryan Casey and Urban Eisen-Miller. They proposed to form a band that would not only be a platform to exercise their creative muscles but also a place where lines between stylistic differences could be blurred. They hoped to create a fresh sound without the limitations of trying to fit into a genre. After several practices and a few gigs with the new lineup, the boys decided that while they were happy with their new direction, the sound they were achieving was still lacking a certain je ne sais quoi. That hole in their musical hearts was filled by Britney Boras, an old friend who happened to be a gifted vocalist and violinist....

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