Blue in the face

Blueintheface was founded in spring 2001. The first lineup consisted of Juha and Jari (guitars), Kimmo (bass), Pete (drums) and Annabella (vocals). The first demo was recorded during autumn in the Cable Factory, and demo sessions were soon followed by the first gigs. The gig in Gloria in the summer of 2002 was one of the first milestones for the band. Kimmo had asked his old friend Toni to check out the gig, with the idea that Toni might fill in the gap left by Jari and take up guitar in the band. This did come about, and intensive rehearsals began. The next demo was recorded at the end of 2002. In the next couple of years, the band netted gigs, new songs and an uncountable number of sweaty practice sessions. In 2004, Blueintheface rocked in e.g. the opening club of the Tuska festival, and finished its third demo. However, when the vocalist Annabella decided to leave the band, it was time to lay down the sword. The farewell gig in Ravintolalaiva Wäiski was short a man, the second guitar Juha. After that, Blueintheface was laid to rest - but only temporarily. 2005 > Guitars were left to lie for a couple of months, until Kimmo and Toni got around to starting a new project. Going was slow, and bit by bit the idea of resurrecting Blueintheface started to take root. In the spring of 2005, Kimmo, Toni and Juha finally decided to put the band together again. Toni asked his buddy Harri to temp for drums while the band cast around for a new vocalist. Harri agreed - and stayed. T...

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