BTW was born one July, during the summer of 1992. It consisted of one member that goes by the name of Bit Burn. The first song ever recorded was called Native Spirit. It was created using a single synthesizer, the Roland U 20, and a 4 track Fostex cassette recorder. Bit Burn had many active music projects at the time. One of them was an industrial music project called Vargas. Vargas released an album in June of 1993 called Tree with Montreal's Cargo records. The album was a major flop, selling approximately 1000 copies. In the meantime, the first demo for BTW called Shades of night descending was produced. Nothing happened with that release. A second demo entitled Fate came out in the summer of 1993 earning favourable reviews in the local electronic music scene. In early 1994, Bit Burn collaborated with keyboardist C. Morgan on a dance music project called Capital Sound featuring singers Katt and Nathalie. Capital Sound released the album Sussex Drive (Polytel /Polygram group) in the spring of '94, which was a major hit across the country. If you're Canadian, and hanging out in clubs during the summer of '94, you probably remember the DJ playing Capital Sound's hits such as Higher love, In the night and Desire. Capital Sound won the 1995 Juno Award in the category of Best Dance Recordings. In the spring of 1996, Bit Burn began working for BTW again. The self titled demo of BlueTonicWorld was sent to record companies in the summer of '96. It featured seven songs including De...

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