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History of Bluebear Project Bluebear Project got started in April 2007 in Lappeenranta when Timo was visiting Teppo. They had previously known each other through messenger and IRC but during the spring 2007 they started getting to know each other in real life as well. They decided to start trying to make some tunes together with Teppo's laptop. Back then it was just for fun. Summer went by, things were quiet but in August 2007, during another weekend session, the boys came up with a tune called Colours of Life. They were both satisfied with it and it eventually became their first proper tune made together. Teppo Herttuainen Bio Teppo was born in 1984 in Lappeenranta, Finland. Teppo has been making music starting from 1998 when he got his first computer. Teppo started making music with programs called Modplug Tracker and Scream Tracker. A few years later he changed to a program called Fruity Loops. It wasn't enough to Teppo and he decided to try a program called Reason. In 2002 Teppo was making music with Reason for a couple of years.Later he decided to try a program called Cubase. And today his primary program is Cubase with many VSTi's. Timo Pitkänen Bio Timo was born in 1980 in Vantaa, Finland. Timo has been making music starting from his early teenage years in 1993. Back then he used a program called Protracker on the Amiga 1200. A few years later in 1996 he sold his Amiga and moved on to the PC with FastTracker 2, since 4 channels weren't enough. After 4 active ...

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