Blueline Medic

Blueline Medic are a four piece rock band who have no trouble avoiding catchphrases that offer the appearance of being more hip than they are. Thanks to a lack of a solid group identity, its members are virtuosos of describing what the band is not, rather than what it really is. In any case, there’s enough literature written about Blueline Medic over the past five years for critics and the like to actually do some kind of research themselves. There's also plenty of lyrical content in BLM's tunes for enthusiasts to glean an idea of what they’re about. Essentially, the band just can’t be bothered talking about it. So this is what the band is not: Born-again Christians; EMO; marketing geniuses; photogenic. This is what the band have done: A couple of full length albums and some shorter releases; lots of national tours and a couple of international tours; more part-time work than the collective population of Centrelink payment recipients; played lots of music in pubs, clubs, discotheques, on telly and at festivals. The band is made up of: Adrian Lombardi – He plays guitar and is known as The Voice... no reference to his Farnham type licks (Joke!!) but more as the voice of reason, exuding diplomacy at every turn when dealing with promoters, record company exec’s and the broader population. His beverage of choice is red wine and dreams of the ocean while hiring out music gear from his workplace at Billy Hydes. Adrian’s special skill is to organise himself free entr...

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