Bluepoint Underground

Bluepoint Underground is a family group of Klaus Dinger. Their only album, Bluepoint Underground in New York City, is pictured with the title of la! Neu? in the corner- although this album is by Bluepoint Underground. They also feature on the la! Neu? album Year of the Tiger, where they play on the intro. Bluepoint Underground is made up of: Oliver Blum, Caroline Keufemann, and Eberhard Kranemann. They play a completely insane, and unclassificable type of music that combines many genres, with overdubs of screaming drunken french women and psychopathic mental patients screaming about cloning and introductions and computers. If you have any degree of sanity, please stay away from Bluepoint Underground. Eberhard Kranemann (AKA Fritz Muller) is also known for his solo album, Fritz Muller Rock, on which he plays a parody-esque style of rock'n'roll. Caroline Keufen is a singer recruited by Kranemann for vocals on Bluepoint Underground. She has an... interesting approach, including very little melody. Oliver Blum is more of a behinds-the-scenes member, providing some of the background psychedelia that allow Bluepoint to be as out there as it is. Once again, please, just stay away from Bluepoint Underground. Even if you're insane. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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