Blueprint For Disaster

There are 2 bands with the name Blueprint For Disaster: Blueprint For Disaster started in late 2001 when Stacy stole two members from local band Humanicide. What a jerk. They recorded a self-titled demo that no one has anymore. More songs were written, and a second demo THE FIRE THAT BURNS was released. More shows. More mayhem. More people that don't have this demo. Jantzen left, Gabe joined. Another demo was recorded titled WHEN ALL THAT IS PLANNED FAILS... I don't think anyone has this demo at all. Not long after that, they became a part of an all-local compilation Spare Change : Volume One, put out by Mental Records. More local shows, more road trips. Late in 2006, Gabe was out, and Matt Coach Dedrick and Walter Hoss Boyko were in. Then they recorded 19 songs that are being slowly leaked out by way of EP's, the first titled DOMINATION THROUGH AMPLIFICATION. I've actually seen people buy these. Blueprint For Disaster started in late 2001. Many amazing musicians have come and gone through the ranks now Brent Weber(drums) and Michael Thomason(bass) are playing with Stacy(Guitar,Vox). Currently, Blueprint resides in Portland Oregon, writing new tunes for a future recording and shows around the area. We're recording new tunes in March 2010. Loud. Fast. Heavy. Angry. That's how we do. Blueprint For Disaster has shared the stage with many bands. Most of them we actually like. Every once in a while, we just talk shit about them: Structure of Lies Bloodhag Akimbo Skarp Dr...

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