There are three artists with the name Blues: A.) A defunct hardcore/rock band from Tucson, Arizona B.) A rapper from Sweden C.) Founding member of The Cherry Blues Project D.) Blues - See Album information below. (unknown artist / no bio found) A.) Blues (originally known as Blues for the Martyrs) formed in 2004 in Tucson, Arizona. They released one full length record and two EP's, and toured several times across the country. The band went through several line up changes over the years, while also continuously evolving their sound. In 2006, the band traveled to Louisville, KY to record their debut EP Death & Taxes (Rome Plow Records) with Chris Owens (LORDS), touring back home with LORDS & Ed Gein. The band followed up their EP with a full length record, Snakepit (Corrosive Recordings) and toured around the country in support of the release. The band continued to develop their own heavy sound with their Heavy Sci-Fi EP, which was released online for free via the band's MySpace. The band's line up continued to go through changes, including several performances as an instrumental group. Eventually, the remaining members re-formed under a new name and have since gone on hiatus, as of Fall 2009. You can now hear much of the band's catalog online: B.) Blues is a Swedish rapper that emerged as one of the first big names in the upswing in popularity that the swedish hip-hop scene experienced during the late 90's. His first and most popul...

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