Blues Brother Castro

Ask lead vocalist Leon Caren about the idea behind the title of the new Blues Brother Castro album ‘FUN’ and he sarcastically answers “Modern Life is fun, right?” The catchphrase off the titel track ‘Just because it’s fun, doesn’t mean you have to do it’, certainly leaves room for interpretation. Fact is, where their first CD Moneymakerme (2004) almost exclusively dealt with life as seen through the alcoholically tainted specs of boisterous frontman Leon Caren, now it is time for a little 'contemplation' and - let's say - 'distance.' Conspicuously labeled as 'alternative rock' (the way the indication of the genre was originally meant), Blues Brother Castro is as indie as indie could ever be. If rock was intended to be the anti culture, then this lot comes closest. Fun sounds like the definition of recalcitrance, but even in this there are various grades. Fun is different, and not only lyrically. The intensity that the word 'blues' in the band name refers to is comparable only to that of the legendary Gun Club or Jon Spencer, and has remained fully intact. The music itself is also strikingly less one-dimensional than before. 'Sonically speaking, we were like a somewhat musty grey line on our previous album,' Caren analyses. 'On our new CD we've tried to give the songs a little more air, while also acknowledging that the songs have become more staccato in nature.' Early reviews have been quick to point out that the mission has been accomplished, with much consi...

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