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Below was translated from Russian to English using the Google translator application. The original text can be read here: Blues Enclave In China, there is a saying: who copied the master, he himself can call himself a master. But in the Enclave they believe that without creating, without being a creator, you cannot become a Master. All music and lyrics are copyright. But this does not mean ignorance of the classic blues, the musical language created by the Great Masters of Blues. The band's music is filled with phrases and the spirit of BB. King and Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix, the energy of Texas blues and lyricism of the Chicago blues. From the point of view of strict cultural studies, the stylistic boundaries of the group cannot be attributed exclusively to the blues. In the repertoire you will find rock ballads, funk, jazz, bluegrass, gospel and even pop elements. But still, the musical blues base and blues idea fills every song or instrumental composition. By the way, the hallmark of the Enclave is a large number of instrumental compositions with a rich set of harmonic solutions and improvisational turns. Blues Enclave - this is more the blues in Russian. The language of the blues should be clear to the listener in all shades and turns of a living, “non-bookish” language. On the other hand, there are songs written in English in the repertoire of the group. They are addressed rather to numerous foreign fans of the group. It is interesting to n...

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