Blues Gang

Blues band from Greece. Later changes their name to Blues Wire. Marks the first attempt to create something original. More up tempo than our first, no covers. ( LP cover 'On A Second Thought' provided. I got the information below via the link above. I'm not totally sure but I believe that Mark (mentioned above) is also a band member of or involved with 'Blues Wire'. Their Bio is below. In the words of blues prodigy Katie Webster, Blues Wire are the best blues band in Europe and deserve to be heard by a wider audience. According to everybody who has ever witnessed a Blues Wire gig this band is one of Europe 's best kept blues secrets and they should finally get the chance to be known to blues lovers around the world. The Blues Wire story began in 1983 when Sotiris Zisis (bass) and Elias Zaikos formed Blues Gang (who renamed themselves as Blues Wire in 1985), the very first blues band in Greece that tried to capture the original sounds of blues legends like Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf and T-Bone Walker. They recorded the first blues album ever to be made by Greek musicians, at a time when it was really difficult to play music without obvious roots in Greek culture, let alone get a record deal for it. Back then, playing the blues not only could make someone almost an outcast, but it also meant dealing with shady characters and going through hard times. The only ways for a blues band to go through these times was to be tough, determined and stay true ...

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