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Blues Image was a group from Tampa, Florida that achieved a brief yet strong burst of critical acclaim and commercial success in the late 60s and early 70s. Known for mixing blues, Latin music, smooth pop, and other styles, their most successful song was the soft rock hit Ride Captain Ride, a release from their 1970 album 'Open' that went all the way to #4 in Billboard. A well-respected band among their peers (Jimi Hendrix notably told the British press that Blues Image was one of the best up and coming bands around), they sadly faced inter-group tensions that brought upon the band's early demise. Blues Image was formed in Tampa, Florida in 1966 by singer-songwriter and guitarist Mike Pinera, singer-drummer Manuel Manny Bertematti, singer-percussionist Joe Lala, and bassist Malcolm Jones. They were later joined by keyboardist Frank Skip Konte. Blues Image moved to Miami in 1968, where they were instrumental in helping promoters form the most innovative music venue in South Florida, which was known as The Image. Blues Image became the house band at the club, which also featured bands like the Grateful Dead, Cream, and Blood, Sweat & Tears. The band moved to Los Angeles, sensing that they were heading to the big time, and signed with Atco Records, releasing their self-titled debut album in February 1969. Their second album, 'Open' (April 1970), included the popular hit Ride Captain Ride, which was co-composed by Pinera and Konte. The summertime vibes of that soft rock tune, ...

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