BluEyes is an original songwriting duo comprised of Sophie Ayotte and Jordey Tucker. Sophie began her music career at age 7 playing piano and eventually picked up the guitar. During high school Sophie started to realize her real passion was to sing. Having the influence of 3 brothers being musicians, she eventually joined them in forming an original band called Grace in which she first began writing songs and singing her own material. She then studied music in CEGEP and some University until she had the chance to join a cover band bound for Asia. It was in this Band she met Jordey. Also starting his music career at 7 years, Jordey began performing with a family band which he continued to do until 2000. Over the years he studied and played violin and guitar along with singing with no formal training. Throughout his school years he was part of many different jazz and rock groups, leading up to his decision to attend university in jazz studies on the guitar. This is where he first started writing instrumental music and developed the taste to take it farther. After finishing his degree, Jordey moved to Montreal to study with a private guitar instructor, and after working with montreal bands such as Notre Dame De Grass, The Fearless Freep, Fantasy, Urockaoke and Vox Crosby he eventually met the right people to form a cover band to work in Asia. After they worked together for a year, Sophie and Jordey realized the connection they had to start writing songs. So was the birth of Bl...

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