Blumentopf (ENG: flower pot) is a 1992 in Freising founded Hip-Hop act from Munich, Germany. Their first Album “Kein Zufall” (eng. “No Coincidence”) was released in 1997. Meanwhile, Sepalot, Roger, Heinemann, Holunder and Schu could establish a reputation as one of their genre's best live act. In the years 2001 and 2002, the readers of the Hip-Hop magazine “Juice” confirmed that reputation by awarding them the title for the best live band. Insiders appreciate the band especially for the high standard of their lyrics and rhymes. However, their popularity and thus their commercial success have never reached the level of other German Hip-Hop acts such as Absolute Beginner and Fettes Brot. Text and music: Telling storys, one of the two main components in the field of rap, dominates most of their lyrics. By means of humor, irony and word joke, stories of every kind can be found on the four albums they’ve released so far. Besides everyday situations (“Warum eigentlich nicht”, “Warten”), relationship troubles (“Was‘ der Handel”, “Alles Gute”, “Das Eine”) and fictitious tales (“Von Disco zu Disco”, “Block und Bleistift”), they even comment on more serious social and political problems (“Reden ist Schweigen”, “6 Meter 90”, “Danke Bush”). Battle-Rap, the second key feature, plays only a minor role. According to their relaxed attitude, they rather talk about themselves in a self-deprecating way than running down other artists. The beats, often produced by ...

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