bLUNDER started activities in 1998 with debut demo NAIF, followed by IN THE LONG STILL, copies matching 800 units were distributed. The band's popularity grew with the victory in a National band contest and with some important National TV appearances and radiobroadcasts. In early 1999 the band changes line up and signs contract with important Portuguese label Movie play. Does the pre-production of debut album with Jonathan Miller (Silence 4, Madredeus, Delfins) and later on starts recording the debut self-titled album with International producer Mick Glossop (Sinead O' Connor, Frank Zappa, the water boys, Bolshoi, the cult, Van Morrison, Tangerine dream, Suede, Mike Oldfield, Lloyd Cole). After the release of the album in 2000, the band wins several awards such as best new act and best video in some of the most major influent magazine/tv awards in Portugal. they get International publishing and watch their videos on some of the most known Tv Channels, such as VIVA, MTV, MCM, M6 music, etc. After touring a lot, bLUNDER decided to write new material for the next album. In 2002 is recorded the MUTE album + DVD, released the following year. This was produced by the band and pre/co-produced with some of the best Portuguese producers, such as Mario Barreiros and Nelson Carvalho. Once again they hit the charts, win awards and gig throughout the country... Now bLUNDER is recording the third album and developing the unplugged tour in which we can find all of the band's best tunes ever...

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