Blunderware was formed on a winter’s evening on the month of January 2009, when two old friends, guitarist Mushfiq Hasan (of Chittagong metal band Act of Defiance) and singer/songwriter Rushnaf Wadud (also guitarist of powerpop and punk band Stitch, based in New Delhi, India) were taking a walk through Chittagong’s GEC Circle. They were always musically inclined, but as the years would have it, no musical project had ever taken place between the two friends. That night, though, it was a different matter altogether. They had successfully written a whole song from scratch together, and it sounded much more than just brilliant in their ears. It was a new sound, a new alternative to the contemporary music, both mainstream and underground. It was folk and not folk, rock yet not rock, pop yet not pop, soul but still slightly earthly. And on that walk, they decided that it was going to be an acoustic duet lineup, just the two of them with their guitars, and they were going to be called … Blunderware, since they were so human, so full of everyday blunders. The song’s name was, very aptly, “Afim Chaash”. But the band had to grow in number if it had to thrive. Soon, Salman Zahir (bass, Act of Defiance) and Syed Wadud (drums, Act of Defiance/Effigy) joined Blunderware on their respective instruments, and the band became a quartet, with Rushnaf handling guitar duties as well. Blunder (as the band is affectionately called) played a handful of shows in Chittagong Well Food Cen...

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