Blundetto started life as the kid the neighbours tried to avoid in the staircase. Growing up as a teenager in Dijon in the nineties, Max Guiguet was a little brat. His parents kept on bravely persevering and enrolled him for university. He spent more time at the mikes of Radio Campus Dijon than he did in the lecture theatre. In 1998 he decided to “go up to the capital” with the hope of getting work experience at a radio station. “For the first few weeks in Paris, I missed my mates and I missed my band. I couldn’t play the drums coz I was sharing a tiny flat where any noise got on the neighbours’ nerves. So I bought a MPC 2000 and some headphones, and I started making music on my own.” All the more so since he had fallen under the influence of a guru, another freak like him, a media crank who the leftwing press thinks is great, but whose misdemeanours are not to everyone’s taste. Jean-Fran?ois Bizot, the founder of Actuel and Nova, hired him for one of the radio station’s programming teams. First he put him in charge of his musical asylum’s record collection, which was a godsend for this budding artist. “I was young and stupid, I thought I knew all there was to know about life and music. Bizot had seen and heard so much, he brought me back down to earth pretty damn quick. He taught me what culture was, in the broadest sense of the word. He didn’t hog the best things. He was a guy who’d lend his favourite ten records to an intern who’d only been working for the ra...

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