There are at least 9 bands known as Blunt: 1) A techno / minimal producer. Also known as Tony Blunt. 2) A danish heavy reggae group. 3) An underground UK rapper. 4) A Belgian folk group. 5) A crustcore band from Spain (checkout Blünt). 6) A 90's Alt-Rock band from Houston. 7) An Alternative/Reggae/Indie band from Cali, Colombia. 8) A rap artist from Abuja,Nigeria. 9) A Street Punk from the UK ============== 1) Blunt is a techno / minimal producer. Also known as Tony Blunt. 2) Blunt is a danish heavy reggae group, is a 5 piece band, formed in the summer of 2000. The project started early 2000, when Jake, Jimmie and a couple of friends recorded some reggae songs for fun. It turned out that these former hardcore guys actually were pretty good, so they decided to make a band and come up with some more material. During the summer they got hold of former Candyflip 666 drummer Günter Back, guiratist Jesper Friis from Flipside and AAO guitar player Mululu. In spring 2001 they recorded a promo, which gave them jobs and good PR. In early 2003 they recorded their first full lenght album, “Reggae da Nation” During 2004, they entered the “Emergenza festival”-contest, and made it to the finals. They also entered the “” where they made it to the semis. In June 2004 they appeared on the compilation cd “stem svin”. Later that month their favorite negro HP Mululu left the band, and was replaced by hard-rocker Mads Schaarup. In 2008 Blunt released their...

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