There are at least eight artists which have used this name: 1. A pop group consisting of members from five Asian countries 2. An electronic rock musician from Brazil 3. An electronic/jazz group from Bulgaria 4. An alternative rock band from Ohio, United States 5. A pop group from England 6. A pop rock band from Mexico 7. A disco group from the United States 8. A bedroom pop band from Texas 1. Comprised of Alisha, Angeli, Ji Hae, Natsuko and Victoria, Blush is “5 girls from 5 Asian countries,” and they are already enjoying unprecedented success within a short time thanks to their world-class talents and charm. The music of Blush is edgy and fun combining pop, R&B and dance into a unique spin, delivered by five gifted girls on a mission. Blush are the only singers to date, from Asia, to have their first two singles hit #3 (Undivided feat. Snoop Dogg) and #1 (Dance On) on a major US chart. Within a short period of time, Blush has built a series of strong collaborations starting with opening for Justin Bieber as their first major performance in May, 2011 and followed that sharing the bill and associating with acts such as The Black Eyed Peas, B.o.B., Far East Movement, Jessie J, Diana Ross and Quincy Jones. Their US national TV debut was on the hit show “So You Think You Can Dance” where they were the featured artist along with Snoop Dogg. They’ve also been a featured artist on the soundtrack of the hit Disney Channel TV show “Shake It Up” with their original reco...

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