Several years ago, Denver rock veterans Jaime (Jme) White (ACROBAT DOWN) and Mike Behrenhausen (JUHL and MARACA FIVE-O) made a record of experimental bedroom recordings, with no ambitions for national release. Titling the project BLUSOM (pronounced “Blue-Some”), and the collection of songs “Go Slowly All The Way Round The Outside”, they simply passed the recordings among friends and local music fans. Two years later, the folks at Second Nature Recordings wound up with a copy and immediately hunted down Jme and Behrenhausen to ask permission to make it more widely available. Whereas that first record consisted of very personal experimental bedroom recordings never intended to be released to the public, the duo’s new record, “The Metapolitan”, finds BLUSOM fine tuning and expanding their songwriting and recording skills to craft a moving, forward-looking release. “The Metapolitan” is a diverse, rewarding listening experience highlighted by sonically adventurous, uptempo numbers like “Midnights and Mornings,” and “No Rivers, No Lips,” haunting, heartfelt ballads like “Undercurrents” and “Carnival,” and indie pop gems like the infectious “The Ticks: Tick, Tick.” With “The Metapolitan,” BLUSOM continues its dedication to honestly created pop experimentation without falling prey to heavy reliance on computer programming. Multi-instrumentalist Jme creates a sonic backdrop through the use of real instrumentation, traditional and digital percu...

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