BLUTFLECK arose from the carnage of the great No Peyote Massacre of 2004. Two beings were created from the gore, with an incessant hunger for the musical lust that No Peyote had instilled in them. Lost and alone, they decided to show the world what was burning in the deepest recesses of their psychosis. After many years of collecting like minded souls, then murdering them for the annual BlutFeast, the two creatures decided that they should perhaps induct other people into the fold and refrain from cannibalising them. Thus the two were joined by 3 more automatons thirsting for blood, whores, chocolate, and meat. Another year went by and the group could feel the thirst for human flesh rising again from the pits of their bellies. Unfortunately there were no willing human victims left and all the peasants fled in terror whenever the band approached. After much searching, their hunger was too great and they were forced to sacrifice their dark and brooding bass player to the Lords of the BlutFeast. From his corpse, as if it were a phoenix bathed in blood, a creature appeared. It feasted on what remained of his flesh and began to scream As I have been born from the bass and it's cruel master, so it shall be! Ich bin ein BLUTFLECK! This is where the story ends and also where it truly begins. Bex - Guitar Kate - Guitar Kirk - Drums Kashmir - Vocals Izzy - Bass Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may app...

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