Blutige Nacht

Blutige Nacht was formed in 2004 and quickly released a demo, which featured the first two songs they wrote. Those songs, along with four others, were later featured on Blutige Nacht’s 2006 EP, Madness Evoked Sin. During these early years, Blutige Nacht was plagued with lineup changes; three members left and one joined before the 2006 release was recorded. When all was said and done, Blutige Nacht went from a six-piece band to a four-piece band. The four remaining members: Kirk (drums), Dan (vocals), Joe (guitars), and Travis (guitar/ vocals/ bass) worked tirelessly for the next two years to produce the 2008 release, Malevolent Dawn. The four-piece incarnation of Blutige Nacht did well performing shows in the Chicago area during this time, but were ultimately forced to take an eight-month hiatus after the release of Malevolent Dawn. The hiatus was much needed, and provided each member with the opportunity to decide if their project should continue. Thankfully, Blutige Nacht reunited in 2009 and began to work on their first full-length album Scorn. During the recording, Blutige Nacht was able to recruit Rob on bass. Now a five-piece band, Blutige Nacht prepares for the 2011 release of Scorn…and you should too. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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